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What is the National Victory Fund?

In this video, I try to express the context, meaning, and value of the National Victory Fund. Yes, I know it’s 25 minutes long, but it is still way too short to convey all the incredible things that are happening, and the depth and value of all that our blessed families across America have contributed to get us this far in the Providence.

Every single thing that we can contribute now counts much more than ever before.

Please be a part of this National Victory Fund. Discuss with your family members, or if you need, work together with other families and friends to make it possible. We are asking each family in America to donate $5,000 to the National Victory Fund, such that we can claim total victory by 2020. 

You can either donate $5,000 now, or pledge a monthly amount to complete the donation by Dec. 31, 2020. If you are able to give more, you can select your own amount.

Thank you for contributing to such an important part of our total victory!

God Bless you,

Rev. Demian Dunkley

You can also mail checks to Family Federation USA headquarters at: 

FFWPU Finance Office
481 8the Ave.,
Box A-12 New York, NY 10001

Please make a check payable to "HSA-UWC" and write a memo, "National Victory Fund."

Note: This is NOT for the "Global Giving Fund" with a $10M goal. The new donation form is coming soon.



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