On April 20, 2019, we will celebrate our True Parents’ 59th Holy Wedding Anniversary.  Last year True Mother reminded us that the anniversary of True Parents’ wedding is very significant - it’s not just a wedding anniversary in the usual sense, but the starting point of True Parents’ providence. For the first time in human history, Heavenly Parent could establish the eternal foundation of True Parents. It was the turning point of all of human history.  

This year, at the Peace Starts With Me event at the City of Refuge on April 6th, True Mother said that the Holy Wedding is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb that Jesus and all of Heaven and earth have been waiting for. 

It is through True Parents’ Holy Wedding that the Blessing could be given to all humanity. Because this precious Holy Marriage Blessing took place 59 years ago, True Mother was able to proclaim on April 6th, “Today, we have gathered to realize the dream of Heavenly Parent and the desire of all humankind. Through receiving the Blessing from True Parents, the door by which you can stand in the position of true children in front of our Heavenly Parent has opened.”

What a special time we live in! True Father spoke about the significance of this on numerous occasions:

  • True Parents’ Holy Wedding was a cosmic, momentous event, worthy of a great celebration on earth. Thereby the True Parents, as God’s embodiments, gained the world-level victory both spiritually and physically. This was the vertical indemnity condition for resolving issues on the horizontal plane on earth. (1969.02.02; CBG1.2.1:22)
  • On that day God made the greatest proclamation in human history, the proclamation that will spread heavenly fortune to the world. It was the historic day that Jesus spoke about—the day of welcoming the Bride. It was the day of True Parents’ Holy Wedding. From that moment on, I could go on the offensive and take the first steps forward. Finally, I could begin resolving the problems we faced and move swiftly forward centered on God. (1973.07.01; CBG1.2.2:17)

On this special occasion, let us make an offering to True Parents to show our gratitude for their opening the way for humanity to come back to God through the Blessing. Let us join in heart and spirit with our True Parents and celebrate their victorious and historical Holy Wedding Blessing Anniversary on April 20.

If you would like to read more about this momentous occasion, please see the

Cham Bumo Gyeong Book 1, Chapter 2, starting on page 69.

You’re welcome to make your offering online here, or at your local church.


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