Thank you all for your efforts and investment in 2018!

Now that we’ve started the New Year 2019 with True Mother, we would also like to remind everyone of the major Unification Holy Days coming up in February. Our special festive season will start with True Heavenly Parent’s Day on Tuesday, February 5, the first day of the lunar New Year and the Heavenly Calendar. We will then celebrate True Parents’ Birthday on Sunday, and finally, the Sixth Anniversary of Foundation Day on Sunday, February 17.   

As we prepare for a victorious year, we’d like to invite you to join us in offering our utmost devotion and unite in heart with our True Parents. In this new year let us give first to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents.  We encourage everyone to uphold our long standing tradition and make your Holy Day Donation as soon as possible. 

Any offering is humbly received and greatly appreciated. The official suggested international donation is $210 per family, and $120 per individual. We’d like to invite our American families to offer $300, more than we’re asked, since  we are offering for three Holy Days and it is our responsibility, as the elder son nation, to set the example. Together, we can give a beautiful offering to our True Parents.  

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